Sawasdee sea view pattaya thailand, Sawasdee Sea View Hotel

Sawasdee sea view pattaya thailand

Наиболее частые отзывы об услугах Пляж. Добавлено в Июле Wi-Fi по всей территории отеля Wi-Fi в номере. Ближайшие ориентиры. The Weekend Pattaya.

The hotel is a former hostel. The room is wrecked, there is no bath. The shower with a small sink and toilet. The air conditioner worked every other time, in cold mode. Due to the high humidity, things dried for several days. The view from the window is either a dump or prostitutes. Wi-Fi is paid 55 baht-one hour. There is a small pool, overlooking the road and prostitutes. Lights turn off intermittently every day. Elevators get stuck, it only happened to us a couple of times and according to other unfortunate tourists, this happened to them more than once.

After visiting the pool, the fair-haired tourists turned green. Hello everybody! I would like to share my impressions about the rest. Back at home, the tour company explained to us that it makes no sense to take an expensive hotel, because we will practically not stay in it. Of course, in the photos the hotel looks much more decent. We expected him to be modest, but so.

Indeed, the rooms are small and dark, the furniture is old, the towels and bed linen are damp. Probably, the rest was saved by the fact that we arrived in a big cheerful company. The hotel was simply overlooked.

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The hotel is located in the city center. On the one hand, it is close to the infrastructure, on the other hand, it is located next to Thai bars, where it is very noisy, there are many old Europeans, transvestites and noisy Thai women. Nearby there is a cafe where you can eat. In the evening, fish, shrimp, and mussels are sold from carts. You can also buy fruits, all tasty and inexpensive. Nearby is a large shopping center with all sorts of things. Shuttle tuk tuks for 10 baht, but we walked more.

Exchange office near the hotel, very convenient. Check the mini bar upon check-in. There is nowhere to swim in Pattaya, we went to Koh Lan. Most of all I liked the beach of Thien, a little less than Same. After walking for two days in Pattaya, we decided to visit excursions. The operator has a complete divorce and the prices are too high. Excellent trip to the river Kwai 2 days and Koh Chang island 2 days.

Moreover, the hotels where we spent the night were much better than ours. Another great excursion is a sea safari. Thank you Alexander for your help and useful information. I recommend contacting Nika Tour tel. There are a lot of impressions from Thailand, and positive ones, but I will summarize This hotel is definitely not suitable for lovers of a quiet family holiday.

Completely sucks. We knew it was an economical option - but not by the same amount!! All these photos do not convey all the squalor that is actually there. Bathroom and toilet, as they say in one bottle. There is no curtain, no tray, after taking a shower it is not possible to go to the toilet - everything around is damp toilet, toilet paper.

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In the room and toilet there is not a single hook or carnation to hang a towel or clothes. The air conditioning works so that it seems that you are constantly flying in an airplane. Cleaning is a separate issue altogether. For 2 weeks, we never washed the floor, did not clean the toilet and sink. They give one towel for both hands and feet and for the shower.

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I stained the towel with juice, so rubles were deducted from me at check-out as being damaged. It is impossible to call the restaurant where we had breakfast. Two weeks the same thing: fried eggs, sausages, rice, bread, butter and jam impossible to take, because all in wasps. Everything is cold and sharp. Cucumbers and tomatoes were brought by the end of breakfast. By They are not allowed to bring their own drinks.

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Sunbeds, chairs, tables in terrible condition. One side of the hotel goes to the construction site, so it was never boring. The concepts of smiling and friendliness to the hotel staff have nothing to do. When we went on excursions, we ordered dry rations, so we were ashamed to open it in front of other tourists.

I like it. RoomsThe furnishings and interior are poor, from the same s.

Отель SAWASDEE SEAVIEW | Планета Путешествий г. Санкт-Петербург

Walls not painted for a long time, wires sticking out, a transistor TV, a thermos with electric heating, which did not want to boil. Crockery - nothing but glasses. There is a huge yellow spot on the ceiling - a leak from the top floor. Bathroom - shower and toilet are separated by a border and a curtain. There is no hot water in the sink faucet. The water in the shower is heated by electricity, you can remove it from the wall and put it in the sink to wash and shave.

The water drains badly, when bathing in the shower, you stand in a puddle and inhale the smell from the sewer. For breakfast - rice soup with rare inclusions of minced meat, without taste, smell and salt; unsalted sticky rice; incomprehensible stew - a boiled mixture of vegetables, herbs and rare pieces of meat is very spicy; poisonous yellow soy sausages, scrambled eggs.

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Fresh vegetables were served an hour after the opening of this catering point or even later. For dessert, two types of jam tightly covered with local insects flies or bees - it is not clear , from baking - bread. Drinks tea, coffee, milk very tasty , chilled artificial drink. Fruits - watermelon, pineapple. Of all the above, I took only scrambled eggs, milk and pineapple. Staff and Service Upon check-in, they take baht, which they try in every possible way not to return. In the fridge are drinks that are times more expensive than in a nearby store.

If you do not check, they can hang their cost on you. When checking out, they tried to force us to pay for lunch in a room that we did not order.

The towel issued in a single copy must remain pristine - we were forced to wash, because they planted a stain, otherwise a fine!

Traditional Thai smiles are false. They appear when you give. You constantly feel the pressure of the attendants acting as overseers. I witnessed when too much sausage was taken away from a woman, it is forbidden to enter the territory of the dining room with your own food and drinks. If you left the dining room and suddenly wanted to drink a glass of water, they would not let you back in.

These are all trifles, of course, but they are permanent and therefore strain and irritate. Territory of the hotel and nature A poorly asphalted patch in front of the hotel where transport and an oval-shaped pool about m in diameter call in.

The pool has a bar. The swimming pool is open from 8 am to 10 pm. There are about 15 sun loungers, some of which are out of order. In the pool go from neighboring hotels where it is missing.

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Palm trees grow around the pool. Elderly Europeans bring girls boys with them to the pool, but it is forbidden to bring drinks and food with them. They are taken away at the entrance or brazenly raked off the table if carried in a bag.

On the back side of the hotel heaps of construction debris. I am satisfied. Thanks to this hotel, I visited an exotic country and traveled back in time - to the USSR in my youth!! No questions yet. Ask a question about the hotel to experts and get answers in the next few hours.

Ask a Question. Open map. Nong Nooch Tropical Park Rating 9. Entertainment, Nature. Herb Garden Rating Description of the beach Пляж в метрах от отеля 8 минут ходьбы. Пляжных полотенец нет. For kids Открытый бассейн 5 х 1 х 0. Entertainment and sports Библиотека. Description of rooms В отеле номеров: standard 30 кв. В зонах общественного пользования работает беспроводной интерн. Пляжная линия:. Удобства в номерах:. Отдых на воде:. Общие услуги:.

Услуги по чистке одежды:. Обычно в номере Сейф, кондиционер, обслуживание в номерах. Как можно питаться в отеле Ресторан, бар. Туры Услуги На карте Отзывы Похожие отели.

Выберите тур в отель Sawasdee Sea View. Все услуги отеля. Все услуги отеля Пляжная линия: 2-ая пляжная линия. Ныряние с маской и трубкой. Круглосуточная стойка регистрации. Отель Sawasdee Sea View на карте. Отзывы об отеле. Похожие отели. Golden Jomtien Beach Hotel 4. Mason Pattaya 5. Кросс Паттайя Океанфир Villas. Ройал Винг Сьютс энд Спа 5.